As it withers, brittle it shakes, can you whisper? As it crumbles and breaks, as you shiver, count up all your mistakes. Pair of forgivers, let go before it's too late.

We're only young and I am still,
we require certain skill. The mood it changes like the wind, hard to control when it begins. The bittersweet between my teeth, trying to find the in-between. Fall back in love eventually. Can't help myself but count the flaws, claw my way out through these walls. One temporary escape, feel it start to permeate. We lie beneath the stars at night, our hands gripping each other tight. You keep my secrets hope to die, promises, swear them to the sky. The bittersweet between my teeth, trying to find the in-between, fall back in love eventually. As it withers, brittle it shakes, can you whisper? As it crumbles and breaks, as you shiver, count up all your mistakes. Pair of forgivers, let go before it's too late.

Anon, to sudden silence won, in fancy they pursue the dream-child moving through a land wild and new, in friendly chat with bird or beast and half believe it true

My friend introduced me to this quote by Oscar Wilde: Always reach for the moon, cause even if you miss you land among the stars. Now this is apparently a well known Wilde quotation that i had missed completely. But i liked it. And then later on we got on the subject of what it is to live without expectations and what it means to make plans in your life. I've never felt bad about making plans, crazy ones as realistic ones cos the beauty of it all is that nothing ever goes as planed, and i guess that is what it's like to live without expectations. To not expect the planes to turn out like you mean them to, but still, nothing wrong in making them. Plans for the future makes me feel safe and gives me motivation and lust for life. I see nothing wrong in it. I think it's just as healthy as it is not to expect them to plan out as we plan them to. So I guess it makes complete sense to aim for the moon, even tho you might realize that what you were looking foor all along was a shiny little star.

It feels as if we've chosen each other out of all the people in the world as travel companions, since none of us is everything for the other.

We will look at the people in our lives today and see what we can give them, and what they can give us. We travel together on different paths. We may learn to be more tolerant. Impatience might be our weakness, and wherever we are we are greeted by cues, slow cashiers, trafic jams. Our companions are carefully selected by our inner self, the spiritual guides who so well understand what's missing us in life. We are both teachers and students. We need both our friends and those we call enemies, for they also have something to teach us. - each day a new beginning

Save some face, you know you've only got one, Change your ways while you're young, Smile like you mean it

Baby myles always gives baby smiles and you can't help but smile back, baby liam always gives baby kisses that warms you soul, yes, your entire freakin soul warms up. My hostdads frenchy english makes me laugh. I smiled when myles eyes were droping and he fell asleep, I also smiled when he woke up. I smiled when i thought of all the funny things my boyfriend says and the funny things he does. I smiled when i was skypeing with my babysister and i smiled when i looked back on the fun weekend that just passed by. I smiled when liam was in hes jamys this morning and hes hair was funny. I smiled when i saw the chinese man walking bakwards in the park. I smiled when I but on german baby bum cream on my lips cos i thought it was funny. I remember smiling when i woke up. I'm smiling right now too thinking about lovely small things. 

Look for God like a man with his head on fire looks for water

First thing in the morning. Sun salutions and meditation. Most people prefer to do this at sunrise cos in theory that's the most spiritual way to do this practice. But I do it in my basement in paris. You worm up buy getting your body warm, streching your mussles and your spine. It's refreshing and relaxing. If your body feels good so do you, although im not a health freak. I had a chocolate cookie for breakfast today but I enjoy feeling my body in these movements. You clearly notice how you can strech more and more while doing it. The breathing is also in focus, you breath into your mussles so that you can hold a possition and feel your body working. Personally i like the idea of saluting to the sun in the mornings, the sun is light and brigs us brighter days. Now meditation is my favorite. I love the mysteries of the mind and i love to see it change and go quiet. It's hard for alot of people to shut your mind of, but it comes easy for me. I struggle sometimes, sometimes it's nearly impossible. And i never go in deep, just deep enough to forget time. It's like sleeping but while being awake, i love this experience and i think it's healthy. I read somewhere that praying is talking to god and meditation is listening to god. I like the saying. We need to listen to whats inside us, whatever that is. And you can read about so many interesting things when it comes to meditaion. Ill get back to it later on.

Round here, we talk just like lions but we sacrifice like lambs

There is a street in Chetelet with animal shops. Im always happy to go there cos they make me so happy, but i think in sweden this would be something like animal cruelty. They keep them in small glass cages. I don't know if they take them out, i hope they do! They're all beautiful and I can't help but feeling a desperate need of saving them. Kind of like those vegans who let animals to run free and then the animals dont know what to do cos they've been in cages all there lives, it never ends well. If I for some reason end up in paris, im going to save at least one. I was even allowed to take pictures of them, whitch felt a little wierd somehow. But they were posing so well !!

And I never wanted anything from you except everything you have and what was left after that too...

There is one rule when you eat chocolate, no matter for what reason, if your eating cos you need comfort or simply just cos you love it so much, comme moi, the rule is to always smell it before taking a piece of the marvelous creation. Its like forplay before sex, it triggers the pleasure. And pleasure is important, if you give yourself pleasure, good pleasure now that makes you feel good without hurting anyone else, then your telling yourself you're worthy of it. It's something to do for yourself, as a treat just cos you are you and thats wonderful, you deserve something to enjoy and something that makes you a tiny bit happier. Linger in bed, favorite foods, a hot bath, singing, resting in the way you know best. It's also about making the best of the small things, that is basically what keeps the days bright. The problem is not really to allow yourself to enjoy life in small moments, the hard part is to remember it. So much of life is the meeting with other people, seing them, knowing them, its kind of in focus if you think about it. So it is super easy to forget yourself sometimes. There is different ways of reminding yourself tho! Or other people might, smell the chocolate. It's a good rule.

And then i met a fellow who gave me hes sectret, it was pretty simple. If you hit a wall just kick it in

Self-esteem is a term in psychology to reflect a person's overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs (for example, "I am competent", "I am worthy") and emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame. Some would distinguish how 'the self-concept is what we think about the self; self-esteem, the positive or negative evaluation of the self, is how we feel about it. A person’s self-concept consists of the beliefs one has about oneself, one’s self perception, or, as Hamlyn expresses it, “the picture of oneself”. Baumeister described Self concept as total perception which people hold about him/ herself. It is not the “facts” about one-self but rather what one believes to be true about one-self. - Wikipedia

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