I drew a map of canada oh canada


You're in my blood you're my holy wine, you taste so bitter and so sweet. I could drink a case of you and still be on my feet

Im gonna buy a gun and start a war if you can tell me something worth fighting for


remembering shakespeare and company


systrar i paris

It's happening now and it's always been like this

my babies

I want to change the world, instead i sleep

And once again, you'll pretend to know that There's an end, that there's an end to this begin, It will help you sleep at night, It will make it seem that right is always right

Late is better than never

I'm just saying.. this is cute!

you can spend your life drawing lines or you can spend your life crossing them

If you hit a wall just kick it in

how dare you say it's nothing to me, baby you were the only light i ever saw

walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn

descovering lana del rey.

are you sorry anywhere, changed the color of your hair and are you busy?

treat me like a stranger it feels so ruff

And everybody's rushing me, but I can feel you touching me

Now my life is sweet like cinnamon like a f**** dream I'm living in

Here it is, my favorite place in issy <3 maybe not the most fascinating place in paris but it's close to home and i always go there. It's lovely.

It was the kiss it took me away, it's like he knew that i was fragile, he handled me like glass

A day in paris with neesha, jerome and their new camera taking pictures of everything around, was so much fun.

a kiss with a fist is better than none

Sunday morning Im taking a walk to see my favorit place in issy les moulineux. Its in a park on a little island. The place is fuild with flowers and it's amongst ruins of old an old building. Very pretty.

Even when i was flat broke you made me feel like a million bucks

Paris memories. puss

Got my bad baby by my heavenly side, I know if I go I'll die happy tonight

I dont want the days to pass by, recignition of the end. Paris is in the center of me and im leaving, the center of me. Cos im stupid thats why...

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