Once I fell inlove with this city

I was once 20, walking the streets of Paris as if i was one with the city. As if we would never move from were we stood. Once I had lovely friends form all around the world who felt the same as me, who were so diefferent from me. I made them laugh and they made me think. I loved more than I ever had before Paris came along. I loved people, places, I loved this boy. He used to make my life bright and new. I wish I could see our relationship as a movie, cos there's so many moments I have forgotten already. It scares me to think what I will remember when I'm older. This paris boy showed me sides of myself I had never seen, I feel selfish when I think about him cos all I can hear myself think is that i want more. So much more than what I got of him. I want everything and I never want it to fade. How long will I be able to linger in the memories of my first love? In paris and all that came along? At this point I am forcing myself to be greatful, successfully pushing all these selfish thoughts out from my head. I know Paris is in my heart, in my soul, in my lungs, in my fingertips, in my steps, in my voice and it has to linger there forever.


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