And I never wanted anything from you except everything you have and what was left after that too...

There is one rule when you eat chocolate, no matter for what reason, if your eating cos you need comfort or simply just cos you love it so much, comme moi, the rule is to always smell it before taking a piece of the marvelous creation. Its like forplay before sex, it triggers the pleasure. And pleasure is important, if you give yourself pleasure, good pleasure now that makes you feel good without hurting anyone else, then your telling yourself you're worthy of it. It's something to do for yourself, as a treat just cos you are you and thats wonderful, you deserve something to enjoy and something that makes you a tiny bit happier. Linger in bed, favorite foods, a hot bath, singing, resting in the way you know best. It's also about making the best of the small things, that is basically what keeps the days bright. The problem is not really to allow yourself to enjoy life in small moments, the hard part is to remember it. So much of life is the meeting with other people, seing them, knowing them, its kind of in focus if you think about it. So it is super easy to forget yourself sometimes. There is different ways of reminding yourself tho! Or other people might, smell the chocolate. It's a good rule.


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