Anon, to sudden silence won, in fancy they pursue the dream-child moving through a land wild and new, in friendly chat with bird or beast and half believe it true

My friend introduced me to this quote by Oscar Wilde: Always reach for the moon, cause even if you miss you land among the stars. Now this is apparently a well known Wilde quotation that i had missed completely. But i liked it. And then later on we got on the subject of what it is to live without expectations and what it means to make plans in your life. I've never felt bad about making plans, crazy ones as realistic ones cos the beauty of it all is that nothing ever goes as planed, and i guess that is what it's like to live without expectations. To not expect the planes to turn out like you mean them to, but still, nothing wrong in making them. Plans for the future makes me feel safe and gives me motivation and lust for life. I see nothing wrong in it. I think it's just as healthy as it is not to expect them to plan out as we plan them to. So I guess it makes complete sense to aim for the moon, even tho you might realize that what you were looking foor all along was a shiny little star.

Postat av: mamma


2012-01-23 @ 00:09:24
Postat av: Eva

Tack så mycket :) Gillar ditt bloggupplägg. Känns orginellt!

2012-01-26 @ 16:37:35

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