It feels as if we've chosen each other out of all the people in the world as travel companions, since none of us is everything for the other.

We will look at the people in our lives today and see what we can give them, and what they can give us. We travel together on different paths. We may learn to be more tolerant. Impatience might be our weakness, and wherever we are we are greeted by cues, slow cashiers, trafic jams. Our companions are carefully selected by our inner self, the spiritual guides who so well understand what's missing us in life. We are both teachers and students. We need both our friends and those we call enemies, for they also have something to teach us. - each day a new beginning

Postat av: Stina

Just nu sitter jag med en (snarkande) limpa som heter Svea i famnen och saknar min syster som är sådär dödligt fin och är fantastisk på att skriva fina texter

2012-01-19 @ 20:34:34
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