Look for God like a man with his head on fire looks for water

First thing in the morning. Sun salutions and meditation. Most people prefer to do this at sunrise cos in theory that's the most spiritual way to do this practice. But I do it in my basement in paris. You worm up buy getting your body warm, streching your mussles and your spine. It's refreshing and relaxing. If your body feels good so do you, although im not a health freak. I had a chocolate cookie for breakfast today but I enjoy feeling my body in these movements. You clearly notice how you can strech more and more while doing it. The breathing is also in focus, you breath into your mussles so that you can hold a possition and feel your body working. Personally i like the idea of saluting to the sun in the mornings, the sun is light and brigs us brighter days. Now meditation is my favorite. I love the mysteries of the mind and i love to see it change and go quiet. It's hard for alot of people to shut your mind of, but it comes easy for me. I struggle sometimes, sometimes it's nearly impossible. And i never go in deep, just deep enough to forget time. It's like sleeping but while being awake, i love this experience and i think it's healthy. I read somewhere that praying is talking to god and meditation is listening to god. I like the saying. We need to listen to whats inside us, whatever that is. And you can read about so many interesting things when it comes to meditaion. Ill get back to it later on.


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