There's a ghost in my lungs and it sighs in my sleep

Dolce far niente, i think thats how you spell it. Italian for the sweetness of doing nothing! everyone should know about this, not just us lovers! It's laying on the couch after work instead of cooking or cleaning or planing, it's watching the TV the whole weekend, it's lingering in bed, it's eating whatever you LOVE, it's sex, it's laying in the sun, it's the sweetness of doing nothing important. It's no diet, no waking up from the alarm, no to much TV, it's taking care of yourself in a way that is so much more important than the things we do cos we think its so very important..

Postat av: Neesha

ah so me, i love being a bum!

and im loving ur pix (even though there is no Myles :P)

2012-02-25 @ 18:58:50
Postat av: Stina

Har jag berättat för dig att Hanna och jag levde Dolce far niente i somras? Kan rekomendera. PUSSAR<3<3<3<3

2012-03-10 @ 09:38:40
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